Applying Your Car Cleaning Products

Before you begin the application make sure you have all the equipment you might need such as application pads and microfibre cloths etc.

There are three different methods in this next step however you will only need to use one.

Clay detailing is very effective and is my personal choice but should only be performed every six months or so.

Paint cleaner can be used a little more frequently and is great for paintwork preparation during the six months in between the clay detailing.

T- Cut and Scratch X are a little harsher to your paint and should only really be used in situations where your paint work is scratched or scuffed and the above methods are not powerful enough.

Note: I personally would remove any tar spots or bug splatter on the paintwork before continuing with this step.

Now let's look at each of these methods in more detail. Starting with the quick clay detailing system.goto - car cleaning equipment