Applying the Quick Clay Detailing System

Before we begin make sure that the paintwork is thoroughly washed and dried.

You will also need the special paint cleaning clay and a cleaning solution.

During this process it is best to work on one panel at a time. You will need to mould the clay in your hands to get it pliable. Make a round ball by rolling the clay in your hands and then squash the ball into a flat round shape.

Now spray the cleaning solution onto the paintwork and then wipe the clay smoothly across the lubricated surface.

If at any stage you feel a lot of resistance then you have not applied enough spray. It is very important to keep he paintwork lubricated when performing this stage.

Keep wiping the block in straight lines and spraying the cleaner until the whole panel has been covered. After a few wipes, you will notice the dirt held in the clay. This means that it is working but we don't want to keep wiping the paintwork with the dirt that has just been removed. To avoid this you should simply fold the clay every other wipe so that there is a cleaner portion exposed to the paint.

Once the panel is finished, you may need to wipe the remaining cleaner off with a soft cloth such as a microfibre cloth.

You can now repeat this on each panel.

Tip: If you run out of spray cleaner, you can use a slightly stronger mix of car shampoo and water in the spray bottle to achieve a similar affect.

Note: If at any stage you drop the clay, you should discard it and use another piece. Otherwise the clay would pick up grit from the floor and this would be applied your paintwork.

Once finished you can go onto the next stage of removing the tar from your wheels.

Alternatively you can take a look at the next method using the deep crystal paint cleaner.goto - car cleaning equipment