Applying the Paint Cleaner

Before we begin make sure that the paintwork is thoroughly washed and dried.

You will also need an applicator pad and microfibre cloth along with your choice of paint cleaner. I prefer to use the Deep Crystal Paint Cleaner from Meguiar's.

Starting with one panel at a time simply add a small amount of paint cleaner to the application pad and apply to the paintwork. Use small circular motions to work in the cleaner and cover all areas of the panel. You will need to work quickly before the cleaner dries. This is best applied in the cool shade to allow more time before drying.

Once the panel has been completely covered, you will need to remove the cleaner before it dries. Use the microfibre cloth again in circular motions to remove the cleaner. Fold the cloth every so often to achieve best results.

You can now repeat this on the other bodywork panels. You can turn the applicator pad over at various intervals to avoid too much build up of dirt.

Note: If any cleaning cloths or pads are dropped onto the floor then they should be thrown away and replaced. Otherwise you could damage the paintwork with the tiny particles that may have been picked up with the cloth.

Once finished you can go onto the next stage of removing the tar from your wheels.

Alternatively you can take a look at the next method using the T-cut or Scratch X.goto - Applying T-cut / Scratch X