Car Cleaning Equipment

Once again we want to check that you have the correct car cleaning equipment before we start this process.

Remember that there are several different methods of cleaning your paintwork described in this section so you will only need the equipment for your chosen method.

One of the best solutions available today for preparing your paintwork is clay detailing. This is well known among car enthusiasts but may be a surprise to others. Meguiar's offer a quick clay detailing pack along with the cleaning solution all in one box. This is a great product and is well worth the investment in my opinion.

Scratch X is another great product for reducing swirl marks and light scratches. For best results though you should use a quality applicator pad and a microfibre cloth will be needed to remove the left over residue.

You may also have certain areas on the paintwork with visible stains such as tar spots, bug splatter and birdlime marks. This is where a quality bug and tar remover will come in handy. For best results, this should be applied before any other stages in this section.

Finally you can simply use a good paint cleaner such as Meguiar's deep crystal paint cleaner or a light t-cut compound for older cars. Again don't forget to use the application pads and a microfibre cloth.

Once you have your equipment, you are ready to look at the Aplication Guide.goto - car cleaning application