Cleaning Your Car

So now you have fully washed your car and removed all the loose contaminants, we need to prepare the paintwork before we apply the polish.

To do this we need to remove the bonded and embedded contaminants that have built up over time. These types of contaminants are too stubborn to be removed during the washing process and will need a little more time and the correct equipment before they can be eliminated. During this process we can also restore the oxidised and dull appearance of the paintwork.

Note: This stage only needs to be performed a few times a year and should not be done to frequently as there is a risk of thinning out the paint too much.

Most people will have heard of t-cut as this has been used for many years and is still very popular today. However this can sometimes be a little too much for some cars with thin paintwork (Japanese cars in particular) and repeated applications could do more harm than good. This section will cover a number of different techniques to cater for all situations such as using a clay detailing method or simply using a quality paint cleaner. You can also try using a scratch removal product such as Scratch X to reduce the swirl marks that may have developed previously.

Note: There are a few different methods provided here in this section but you will not need to perform all of them. Take a look and see which is best suited to your needs.

Now let's check that you have the right car cleaning equipment.goto - car cleaning equipment