Dealing with Tar Spots

Tar spots and other stubborn stains such as bug splatter can be a pain to remove during the washing process. You can use a special cleaner designed to remove such stains without damaging your paintwork. These stains can build up on either your alloy wheels or on the paintwork itself.

Wheels - These can be the hardest areas to clean because not only have you got the tar spots and other road grim to deal with but also brake dust. To make things worse, the whole lot is baked on by the heat generated through the braking system. Well we can go into detail here about the best products and methods needed to removed this type of stain.

Paintwork - This can be home to many bug splatter stains and tar spots which mainly build up at the front of the car on the bonnet. The trick is to remove these stains without damaging the paintwork underneath. Here we will look at the best products and methods to achieve this.

Once completed you can go onto cleaning the glass surfaces on your car.goto - car cleaning equipment