Applying / Removing Car Polish

Before you start applying the polish, make sure you have all the polishing equipment you might need such as application pads etc. Be careful not to use the same cloths and pads that you have used for other stages (such as paint cleaning) as this will contaminate the polish and reduce the overall effect.

Tip: I would highly recommend that this stage follows the paint cleaning process if you have not done so in the past 6 months.

The application process is very similar to the paint cleaning method however you should find the removal of the polish far easier as there are no contaminants to deal with.

Start with one panel at a time and add a small amount of polish to you applicator pad and apply to your paintwork. Use small overlapping circular motions to cover the panel completely. You need to work quickly before the polish is fully dry. Again you are best doing this in the shade to allow enough time to remove the product.

Once you have covered the panel completely, you will need to remove the polish before it fully dries. I normally use a microfibre cloth to remove the car polish and keep turning it every so often to avoid too much build up in one area. Use circular motions to remove the polish from the paintwork. The paintwork should now be showing off a nice deep shine.

You can now repeat this step on all other panels (one at a time) until you have covered all areas. Once again you should turn the applicator periodically as well to avoid excess build up of dirt.

Note: If any polishing cloths or pads are dropped onto the floor then they should be thrown away and replaced. Otherwise you could damage the paintwork with the tiny particles that may have been picked up with the cloth.

Some people choose to apply multiple layers of polish to build up an even deeper shine. If you wish to do this then you should do so at this stage before the wax is applied. Simply repeat the steps above for each coat and allow a few hours between each application (check product instructions for exact time between coats). Take a look at our Car Polishing Tips section for other helpful hints

Once finished, you can take a look at the guide to waxing your car.goto - Guide to Waxing your car