Car Polishing Tips

1. Always apply your car polish in the shade. This allows more time before the product starts to dry. If your polish starts to get baked on by the sun then it will be far more difficult to remove.

2. Apply the polish in thin layers to achieve even results. A thicker coat does not mean a deeper shine. You should apply several thin layers if you want to achieve this. A thick coat of polish will also prove difficult to remove without streaking.

3. Ensure the car is fully dry before you begin applying you car polish. If there is any water on the vehicle or in the gaps between panels then you will find the product streaking more and will be harder to remove.

4. Using foam applicator pads helps to provide an even application of polish because they are able to absorb any excess. They are also gentle on your paintwork so they are worth every penny.

5. Microfibre cloths are great for removing polish from your paintwork. Remember to keep folding the cloth though to prevent excess build up on one side. You should always keep a spare cloth handy in case the one you're using becomes caked in polish.

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