Car Polishing Equipment - Cloths and Pads

Meguiar's Foam Applicator Pads (twin pack)

Meguiar's Foam Applicator Pads are sold in packs of 2 and are ideal for applying your selected car polish to your paintwork. The pads are ultra soft so they are gentle on the paint surface and they use a tight cell structure to offer a safe and even application of product.

Although these pads are relatively cheap, they are also machine washable so you can re-use the pads time and time again.

Meguiar's Even Coat Applicator

As an alternative to the foam pads above, you can use these Even Coat Applicator Pads instead. Offering similar results but utilising the specialised mircofibre material to produce amazing results when applying car polish.

The pads are ideally sized for long term comfort and again they are also machine washable. These are slightly more expensive so it really could come down to personal preference at the end of the day.

Meguiar's Supreme Shine Microfibre Cloth

Microfibre cloths are an essential part of the car polishing process. So what better product to use that the Meguiar's Supreme Shine Microfibre Cloth.

The incredibly plush microfibre gives amazing results. The thick, dual-sided microfibre pile absorbs three times more than traditional terry towels and the fibre structure reduces the effort needed to remove product residue. Safety edging eliminates the potential for scratching. You will also be pleased to know that these are machine washable.

Note: You should be sure to use fresh cloths and pads for each individual product you use. Trying to use one cloth or pad for more than one product will cause cross contamination and can reduce the effectiveness of the application as well as causing smearing.

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