Polishing Your Car

So now you have washed your car and cleaned the paintwork, we are ready to apply the polish.

Note: I would strongly recommend following the paint cleaning process if you have not done so before and not just skip to this section, as the application and removal of the polish will be far easier and the results will be far superior.

Most people have heard of polishing cars and may already own some products that they have used in the past. I do however need to highlight that you should be careful not to confuse this stage with cheaper all-in-one solutions that offer a polish and wax in one application (often referred to as car polish). In this section we are talking about pure polish to give a superior finish and not about offering any protection.

The polishing process is the rewarding stage that gives the deep reflective shine which is evident in the end result. A product such as Meguiar's Deep Crystal Polish will condition and nourish the paintwork as well as offering an amazing deep wet-look shine.

With this in mind it is essential we check to see if you have the correct car polishing equipment.goto - car polishing equipment