Car Washing Equipment

Before you even think of cleaning your car you should make sure that you have all the necessary equipment. The last thing you want is to be part way through and have to pop to your local auto centre to get some supplies. Or worse, make do with a lesser quality item that you have found at the back of the shed.

If you are serious about taking care of your car then you will need to invest not only time but some of your hard earned cash as well. After all you have probably spent a lot on you car in the first place so why not invest in keeping it in tip top condition.

Firstly you need to dig out the sponge that you have been using for that last few years and find the nearest bin. Whilst sponges have been used for years, we may as well take advantage of the latest products and I would suggest nothing more than a wash mitt. Not a cheap one from the market that will fall apart after two washes but a good quality product like the Lambs Wool Wash Mitt from Meguiar's.

Wash mitts are very good at retaining the dirt and grit deep in the pile of the glove so that it is held away from the paintwork. Sponges will absorb a lot of water but hold the dirty particles on the surface. Obviously this can cause damage when you are rubbing this on your paintwork.

If you take nothing else away from this site then take this advice. Wash mitts are the only way to go in my experience and I would never use a sponge again. Get one today; it will be the best investment you can make in preserving your cars paintwork.

Drying towels are another great buy. They can hold more water than a chamois leather and are machine washable. I would advise washing your cleaning cloths and towels regularly to prevent contamination and swirl marks. Chamois leathers are still a good choice though and it is really down to personal preference.

Just make sure that you buy quality products and not cheap quality items. Also be sure not to use just any towel as household towels are not designed for detailing and can cause damage to your car.

Once you have your equipment, you are ready to look at the Preparation Guide.goto - Car Cleaning Preparation Guide