Washing Your Car

The very first stage when cleaning your car will be rinsing and washing. This removes any loose dirt and road grim that has built up since the previous wash. There are a couple of steps involved in the washing process which are shown on the left-hand menu in sequence.

You should spend some time making sure you have all the correct equipment for cleaning your car before you begin. There are some excellent products on the market today that can make cleaning your car a lot easier, such as the lamb's wool wash mitt. You should also invest in a quality shampoo that will not strip the wax protection you have previously applied. Meguiar's gold class shampoo is ideal for this but there are many products to choose from.

You should also take a look at the preparation guide before you begin as this contains some useful tips.

I have then got a guide for cleaning the wheels and then cleaning the bodywork. I generally prefer washing in this order as described in the guides.

Finally, you will find information about the methods and products involved in drying your car effectively.

I would recommend you wash your car about once a week. Although if there is a need in between then that is OK as well (e.g. bird lime build up etc.). Remember however that excessive cleaning can strip away the wax protection and leave your paintwork exposed.

Now let's see if you have the right car cleaning equipment.goto - car cleaning equipment