Car Waxing Guide

Now we are at the final stage of waxing your paintwork. Having washed, cleaned and polished your car you are ready to apply the protective layer to prolong the finish you have achieved.

Before you start applying the wax protection, make sure you have all the car waxing equipment you might need such as application pads etc. Be careful not to use the same cloths and pads that you have used for other stages (such as paint cleaning) as this will contaminate the wax and reduce the overall effect.

Tip: I would strongly recommend completing the polishing process with a separate polish before applying the wax. If however you have recently completed all stages and just want to top up the protection then a combination product might be suitable. To apply the combination polish / wax product simply follow this guide using your selected product instead of the wax. You should also read the instructions on the pack as drying times can vary.

Applying Car Wax is very similar to the car polishing method however and as before you should find the removal of the wax relatively easy as there are no contaminants to deal with.

Start with one panel at a time and add a small amount of wax to you applicator pad and apply to your paintwork. Use small overlapping circular motions to cover the panel completely. Unlike the polish though, you can continue to apply the wax to the rest of the car allowing the wax enough time to cure. Once again you should turn the applicator periodically as well to avoid excess build up.

Once you have covered the car completely you should be able to start removing the wax from the first panel. To test that the product is ready to be removed, wipe your finger over a small area and it should remove the wax easily. If there is any smearing then you should leave it a little longer. I normally use a microfibre cloth to remove the car wax and keep turning it every so often to avoid too much build up in one area. Use circular motions to remove the wax from the paintwork and continue to remove from each panel in the same order it was applied.

Note: If any waxing cloths or pads are dropped onto the floor then they should be thrown away and replaced. Otherwise you could damage the paintwork with the tiny particles that may have been picked up with the cloth.

Some people choose to apply multiple layers of wax to improve the level of protection. If you wish to do this then you should allow 24 hours between each coat and simply repeat the steps above.

I would recommend repeating this about every 2 months (depending on mileage) to maintain the protection.

Now you have finished caring for your cars paintwork, you might find some useful advice for cleaning other parts of your car in the Miscellaneous Section.goto - Car Cleaning Miscellaneous Section