Car Waxing Equipment

Now let's check that we have the correct car waxing equipment before we start.

The final stage of waxing gives your paintwork a protective layer to hold in the deep shine that the polish has previously created. For this reason it is essential you select a quality product that will last beyond the first few washes. A good quality car wax will not only protect the paintwork but be relatively easy to apply and not dull down the shine that has been achieved.

As mentioned before, Meguiar's offer the 3 Step Deep Crystal Paint Protection System. The final stage is the Step 3 Deep Crystal Carnauba Wax and is a great choice if you have previously used the first two stages of this product.

If you chose to use a combination polish and wax product then I would suggest Meguiars NXT Tech Wax available in either a liquid or a paste. Whilst this will give a good finish and may be a satisfactory intermediate solution, it will not achieve the same standard as using the two separate products.

As before, you will also need products to apply and remove the car wax. Once again, I suggest the purpose made foam applicator pads from Meguiar's to apply your selected wax and a clean microfibre cloth to remove the residue. There are also some polishing mitts on the market that are good for removing the wax residue and buffing the paintwork but be sure that the product you choose will be gentle on your car's paintwork.

Once you have selected the correct car wax, you are ready to take a look at the car waxing guide.goto - car waxing guide