Waxing Your Car

So now you have cleaned and polished your paintwork you are onto the final stage which is Waxing.

This stage is purely to offer protection for all the hard work you have just put in. Car Wax protects the deep shine and contaminant free finish you have achieved in the previous sections. You will also notice the benefits the next time you wash your car as the wax will have stopped the majority of contaminants actually bonding to the paintwork so they will simply wipe off with ease.

You will also notice the beading of water on your paintwork after any rainfall which just shows how well the wax is repelling any foreign bodies.

If you have decided to skip the car polishing stage and opted for an all-in-one solution then simply follow the steps laid out in this section using your own products. For best results however you should apply separate coats of polish and wax.

Now let's check that you have the correct car waxing equipment.