The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning and Detailing your Car

If you are passionate about preserving your cars paintwork and getting the best results when cleaning your car then you need more than a simple bucket and sponge these days.

car cleaning kit

Every day your car is exposed to contaminants that can cause long term damage if left uncared for. Contaminants such as tree sap, bird lime and tar spots seem fairly obvious causes but there are many more out there that you may not even think about.

All too often you see cars that have been poorly looked after, showing swirl marks and scratches on the surface, discoloured areas where bird lime sat untreated for too long, dull paintwork and baked on water marks.

If you are looking at this site then you are clearly interested in caring for your cars appearance and you have certainly found the right place.

Here we will go into detail about all aspects of detailing your car based solely on my own experiences and research.

I have spent years perfecting my cleaning process and taking care of my beloved cars and now having found a combination of treatments and methods I would like to share my knowledge with you on this site.

Whilst some areas may seem a little basic to some, I have gone into detail on all aspects so that this guide can be followed by everyone. However if anyone would like to add anything to this site or have any alternative methods to use then I would love to here from you. Please contact me here and I will take your comments on board.

Now let's get to work and begin washing your car. goto - washing your car