Car Polishing Equipment

Now we need to be sure you have the correct car polishing equipment before we begin.

Note: I must re-iterate that you need to be using a pure car polish and not a wax / polish combination product.

Meguiar's offer the step 2 (of the 3 stage system) Deep Crystal Polish which is my personal favourite. Offering great results without the large price tags associated with car showroom products. If you have chosen the Step 1 Deep Crystal Paint Cleaner from Meguiar's then this is the ideal product to follow.

You will also need products to apply and remove the car polish. I suggest the purpose made foam applicator pads from Meguiar's to apply your selected polish and a clean microfibre cloth to remove the residue. There are also some polishing mitts on the market that are good for removing the polish residue and buffing the paintwork but be sure that the product you choose will be gentle on your car's paintwork.

Once you have selected the correct equipment, you are ready to take a look at the car polishing guide.goto - car polishing guide